radbrowser | September 26, 2010

Love makes life full of flowers. Love also can make life full of tears.
In a family, love is very important. Without love, there is no family.

A father busy with his own affairs and job while a mother busy with her friends and her own business. They going out early in the morning and come back very tired in the evening, some times until late night. They will feel too tired even to have a chat with their own children. As a result, the children started to find another source of love. Someone they can talk and make them happy. If their friends are good, they are lucky. If not, the family already in a great trouble because the duty of teaching and showing way already transferred to some else.

There are people having a heart full of love but members of their family or their friend saw them like a stranger. Some peoples feel that they are not being loved because they can't understand the attitude showing by us. Sometimes even wife and husband, our mother and father or our children and friends feel being ignored by us. Our attitude can be the cause.

Show your love.

We need to show it to make members of our family or our friends can feel that their life are surrounding with the sea of love.



  1. Cheqna // September 28, 2010 at 11:08 AM  

    Assalamualaikum Rad,

    mohon maaf lama tak berkunjung..bz sikit since bercuti raya di kampung n balik keja..insyaAllah akan slow down sikit nanti.

    semoga Rad n family sejahtera selalu..masih bz dgn open hse? :-)

    anyway..nice reminder here..semoga jiwa kita dipenuhi kecintaan yang tinggi kepada Allah dan rasul-Nya..dan kasih sesama makhluk-Nya...amiin..

    have a nice time berblogging!


  2. rad راد // October 2, 2010 at 9:16 AM  

    terimakasih Cheqna, dalam kesibukan berkesempatan hadir, terharu kitee..:)