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Suddenly elder started to listen Korean music in their house. Their young man and girl click online mp3 and video clip on youtube. The tv channel also shown korean artists singing when their children seating in front of television.

Korean music has captured Malaysian youngster heart. But why & how it happenned ? Is it because of the quality of the song or because of the hair style of the male artist look like female hair style or because of their music rhythm ? Is it because of the Korean smart dressing ?

Only the youngsters knew why. They like the music because it suit to their taste, off course.

In early 70's, Malaysian especially malay from east coast captured by music from India. Hindustani music always heard from their recorder player and sometimes can heard from radio too. Then came music from Indonesia especially dangdut boosted into Malaysian music market. Now the time for Korean music coming to youngster heart.

What about local music. Before this we have listened complaining from local producer about the flooding of foreign music to this country. Some of them started to put the problem to local listener because they have not given support to the local music industry.

To me no need to make any complaint. Local producers have to come with something that can make listener on their own willing to buy and listening to local music. They have to do some study or invest in some study about the changing of taste of local for them to improve the presentation of the local music they are going to produce.

To the youngster, just an advice, don't let our self flown away by music until our heart getting hard from remembering Allah. Don't make their way of life as ours. May be this just an example from what I am trying to say, if we listen to the rap music, just listen but don't change the Salam with yo yo. Don't wear beard because of the singer wear it, as a muslim we used to wear beard because we want to follow Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. I think we can understand the difference.


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